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Muscle cramps, joint stiffness, teething pain, nervous & immune system support, and sleep.

Premier Calcium Magnesium comes from Sango sea coral, an easily assimilated bio-available source of calcium and magnesium. In a preferred ratio of 2:1 (calcium: magnesium), it is a fantastic mineral support for bones, joints, and teeth. It also promotes a healthy alkaline pH for the whole body.

This supplement works well for muscle cramps and aches, teething pain, and joint stiffness, supports healthy muscle function, electrolyte balance, and functioning of the nervous & immune system, and is great for a natural energy boost. Taken together, they help regulate the heartbeat and can help with sleep. Every purse or gym bag should have Calcium Magnesium Powder!

Premier Calcium Magnesium comes in a capsule or powder form. It has no taste so it is great for people of all ages, even babies!

Previously known as Coral Legend.

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