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March 2024 International Maxwell Conference

The March 2024 International Maxwell Conference was an amazing experience! It was at the March 2023 conference that the inspiration for Center for Champions was birthed in my heart and it was a bit surreal to walk into that same room after having taken action to make that dream a reality.

This year, I was able to bring my husband and son along with me. At 18 years old, Joseph was by far one of the youngest in attendance. He was amazed at how easy it was to network with these people. He met several people including someone in regenerative farming, something that is near and dear to his heart. One of my favorite stories was when he came to me and brought me a business card from someone looking for nutrition professors. How often does your teenager have an opportunity to help a parent make professional connections? 

This year’s theme was titled Leading the Way. John is very sad about the state of leadership in America, especially in the area of politics. That’s why he wrote his upcoming book High Road Leadership. We can all learn to be high road leaders…doing the right things for the right reasons and valuing people even when we don’t agree. I am already reading a galley copy of the book and as soon as it is released, Center for Champions will begin doing Mastermind groups on this book. Please encourage everyone to join one of these groups! We are all leaders in some capacity, if not in an outside area such as work or church, you are a leader at home…because even if you are single, you still have to lead the hardest person…yourself!

I also had a very special individual moment with my friend John! Last October, my husband found an original version of John’s first book, Think on These Things. I took it to the book signing and it was such a special thing to see him reminiscence for a minute. He has written 90 books but to me, the first one, no matter how popular is the most significant because it is the catalyst for all the others!

Champions is also excited that the Maxwell team has a way for us to bring some of this great leadership teaching to our local community. This is through a program called Live2Lead. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be in the room with John Maxwell and many other great speakers, but I know most people do not have these opportunities. That’s why we are partnering with the Live2Lead program to bring these speakers virtually to our local community next fall. So, watch for details!

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