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Welcome to Center for Champions!

As a team, we are dedicated to helping you engage your inner champion!

Champions are winners, in large part due to their commitment to discipline and excellence each day. We believe that YOU ARE A CHAMPION…and that with the proper support your inner champion will shine. We believe that commitment to daily habits is necessary to continually fuel the body for optimal health and that you are in the right place. Even if you cannot believe it now, our team will collectively hold belief in the possible for you until you can see it for yourself.

Daily nutrition provides a foundation for the health of a Champion. We are committed to supporting you in this area through expert nutrition care and guidance dedicated to you as a UNIQUE individual. At each appointment you can expect your clinician to listen to & support you. After each appointment, we will provide a printed and/or emailed updated version of your nutrition schedule as well as tailored resources as necessary.


We invite you to be an active participant in your nutrition care by asking questions via text or email between appointments. We want to hear from you and you should expect a response within 24 business hours.


Supplementation is a critical tool for optimally fueling the body and is a powerful intervention strategy that increases health and decreases the need for more invasive interventions that cause side effects and other potentially dangerous long-term problems.

  • We want you to know that we only provide products that we have vetted to be safe and effective and that we use for ourselves and our own families.

  • We are dedicated to providing you these products at the most economical price through our membership program.

  • We want to make it as easy as possible to get these supplements in your hands by being available for pick-up (using a secure location for when we are not available) or we can ship supplements to you.

Finally, we believe that community makes all the difference! Connecting you with resources and community within and beyond our own facility is a primary goal for us. We invite you to engage with us through our upcoming in-person, virtual and social media events.

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